Scaliger Castle

The Malcesine Castle

The Scaliger Castle, a historical and cultural jewel, is nestled in the heart of Malcesine, overlooking the stunning Lake Garda. This medieval fortress, a symbol of the town, dates back to the last centuries of the first millennium BC, with a history intertwined with that of the Lombards and later the Franks. Rebuilt in 590, the castle has lived through different eras, falling under the control of the Visconti of Milan, the Republic of Venice, and the Austrian Empire. The Scaliger Castle offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view, both of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains, thanks to its position on a rocky spur. This architectural wonder includes several points of interest: the "Casermetta", which houses the Natural History Museum, the "Goethe Room", with works of the poet related to his journey in Italy, and the striking "Tower", dominating the entire landscape. The museum inside the castle provides a unique experience, with a multimedia approach that allows visitors to interact with the history and surrounding nature. The castle is also a privileged venue for civil weddings, thanks to its historical and romantic setting. Besides the cultural aspects, the castle reveals fascinating historical details, like the frescoes in the Scaliger Chapel and the mysterious underground passage. Finally, it's impossible not to mention the wonderful garden, where Goethe's bust is located, and the open-air theater "LacaĆ²r", adding a touch of magic to summer evenings. In summary, the Scaliger Castle is not only a historical treasure but also a vibrant place that continues to enchant visitors with its beauty and rich cultural heritage. Our hotel also boasts one of the most beautiful views of Malcesine Castle.

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