Kitesurfing in Malcesine

An Adventure Amidst Wind and Waves on Lake Garda

Malcesine is an ideal destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts, thanks to its privileged location on Lake Garda and the numerous windy days throughout the year. Here, the morning Pelèr wind and the afternoon Ora wind create the perfect conditions for enthusiasts of this exciting sport.

The Pelèr, a strong wind blowing from the north, is ideal for morning kitesurfing sessions. In the afternoon, the Ora, a more regular and gentle wind, takes its place, offering ideal conditions until sunset, much later than at other spots on Lake Garda.

For kitesurfing on Lake Garda, there are two regulated beaches managed by local clubs: one in Navene, north of Malcesine, and the other in Campione, on the west coast of the lake. It's important to note that access to these areas requires membership in the local club and adherence to their regulations.

Spot with North Wind.:

  • Campagnola Beach: Located 3 km north of Malcesine, it is only accessible in the morning during the high season, with return by 9 AM.
  • Retelino: 1 km north of Malcesine, near the ferry dock. It is important to maintain a safe distance from the harbor area.
  • Assenza Beach: This spot, located 3 km south of Malcesine, is recommended when the wind is particularly strong at Campagnola.

Spot with South Wind.:

  • Navene Beach (Tunnel) and the area managed by the Kite Club Malcesine offer optimal conditions for kitesurfing with south wind.

In addition, the lift service offered by local schools provides a fantastic alternative for experienced kiters. This service, which includes boat transportation to the windiest spots and assistance in case of emergencies, ensures a safe and adventurous kitesurfing experience.

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