Co di Piombi via San Michele

10,5 km   |   4h 51m

Join this adventure on this 10.5 km round trip trail near Malcesine, in the heart of Veneto. Rated as challenging, the route typically takes 4 hours and 51 minutes to complete. Perfect for lovers of hiking and running, the trail offers a more isolated experience, with few chances of encountering other hikers.

Open all year round and enchanting in every season, this itinerary begins in Calchere, offering enchanting views of Lake Garda. The walk starts with a gentle ascent to the San Michele intermediate station of the Monte Baldo cable car. From here, the trail turns into a dirt road that leads to Co di Piombi, where you'll find the Piombi Forestry Shelter. This spot offers a spectacular panoramic view, making the hike a memorable experience for all nature lovers and landscape enthusiasts.