Wingfoiling in Malcesine

An Adventure Between Innovation and Adrenaline.

The world of water sports has witnessed extraordinary evolution in recent years, and among the most thrilling and innovative disciplines, wingfoiling has emerged, capturing the interest of adrenaline enthusiasts and water sports aficionados.

In Malcesine, on the shores of Lake Garda, wingfoiling is becoming increasingly popular. This fascinating sport differentiates itself from windsurfing by using a foil, a special fin that allows the board to lift off the water, reducing friction and enabling athletes to 'fly' over the water with unprecedented speed and agility.

Wingfoiling in Malcesine is not just for experts. Even those who have no experience in water sports can get into this exciting discipline. Local sailing schools offer courses for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Experienced instructors can quickly teach the basics and techniques to experience the thrill of this sport while enjoying the magnificent backdrop of Lake Malcesine.

The ideal period for wingfoiling in Malcesine spans from March to October, thanks to the favorable climate of the lake. The characteristic winds of the area, the Pelèr in the morning and the Ora in the afternoon, are perfect for this discipline, which requires less than 10 knots of wind to be practiced at its best.

The courses offered by local schools not only teach the techniques of balance, control, and safety but also provide the necessary equipment to get started. This is a unique opportunity to learn a new sport while enjoying the beauty and challenges that Lake Malcesine has to offer.

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