Water Sports

Water Sports in Malcesine

In the enchanting setting of Lake Garda, the Hotel Europa in Malcesine proves to be a perfect retreat for water sports enthusiasts. Imagine the sparkling waters of the lake stretching out before you, ready to transform into your personal playground, where adrenaline and fun intertwine in a unique experience.

Feel the wind in the sails as you ride the waves, in an adventure that skillfully intertwines technique and passion for sailing, a regal and timeless sport of the lake. If the adventurous soul in you seeks more intense thrills, let yourself be carried away by windsurfing or kitesurfing, where the wind becomes your ally in spectacular acrobatics and wild dances on the water.

For those aspiring to a harmonious blend of sports and contemplation, stand-up paddleboarding awaits you: a journey of balance and discovery on the serene waters of the lake. Or, if you prefer a more intimate connection with nature, kayaking and canoeing will guide you through secret corners and enchanted coves, in an excursion that promises serenity and wonder.

And for those seeking new frontiers, wing foiling awaits you to give you the sensation of gliding on the water, combining the thrill of surfing with the grace of sailing.

At the Hotel Europa in Malcesine, every day is an invitation to immerse yourself in these magnificent water adventures, embraced by the comfort and elegance that only we can offer you. Join us in living a daydream where luxury and adventure dance together under the sky of Lake Garda.

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